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Tuesday, 2023-12-05

Humans being clever learn from their mistakes.

Humans being wise learn from mistakes others made already in the past!

Within our logo you see an owl dominating the front, as this animal has many attributes we identify ourselves and our services with.

We want to be your wise partner you willingly seek for advice.





  • Owls are able to rotate their head up to 270┬░ and have night vision.
  • Their extrem sense of three dimensional hearing enables them to hunt successfully even in complete darkness.
    Like a satellite dish the shape of the facial disk is able to be adjusted at will to focus sounds more effectively.
  • Their special feathers cause nearly no aerodynamic disturbances and change the sound frequency produced while flying into an area no longer detectable by prey, hence enabling them to silently fly.
  • Owls are highly adaptive and live nearly in every region of our planet, like woods, tundra, snowy mountain regions and even deserts.
  • Owls are a symbol of wisdom, foreboding, science and discretion.
  • In some ancient myths and legends an owl is a goddess of protection of homeland and the country, she is companion of the goddess Athene and Minerva and australian Aborigines see them as spiritual leaders of womankind.


  • We have a holistic way to approach information security topics to help you to maintain an overview easily lost in the daily routine.
  • Using efficient methods of interviewing your colleages combined with technical security analysis we are able to collect all the necessary information to enable you to establish a cost effective security strategy.
  • Our professional way of work causes no disturbances in your daily business and technical solutions are integrated into your infrastructure seamlessly.
  • We are experienced with companies doing business internationally and are more than willing to help you to implement security controls globally.
  • We guide our customers to establish preventive security controls, as they are much cheaper to accomplish compared to remediating business impact after a security incident. These security controls in fact minimize potential damage before an incident happens.
  • Be wise and use our treasure of experience to your own benefit. Let us accompany you securing your business.